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Rubber Kneader/Rubber Machine/Dispersion Machine; Banbury Internal Kneader ;Pressure Enclosed Mixing Mill X(S)M- Series
  • Rubber Kneader/Rubber Machine/Dispersion Machine; Banbury Internal Kneader ;Pressure Enclosed Mixing Mill X(S)M- Series
  • Rubber Kneader/Rubber Machine/Dispersion Machine; Banbury Internal Kneader ;Pressure Enclosed Mixing Mill X(S)M- Series
  • Rubber Kneader/Rubber Machine/Dispersion Machine; Banbury Internal Kneader ;Pressure Enclosed Mixing Mill X(S)M- Series

Rubber Kneader/Rubber Machine/Dispersion Machine; Banbury Internal Kneader ;Pressure Enclosed Mixing Mill X(S)M- Series

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification ISO9001;CE;SGS;
Model Number Model-XS(K)
Product Details
Mixing, Milling;
Material Apply:
Silicones,Rubber, Plastic, Compound Materials ;
Rubber And Plastic Processing Machine;
PLC Control
Equipments For Rubber Mixing
Product Description

Rubber Kneader/Rubber machine/Dispersion machine; Banbury Internal Kneader; Pressure Enclosed Mixing Mill;

X(S)M- Series 




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Thanks to the deep and close relationships with our customers of hundreds of rubber manufacturers, who are constantly exploring technology for gains in productivity;


We aim to provide our customers with one-stop solutions no matter small, modest, or large scales of production;


Due to our rich experience in manufacturing and the Chinese complete product chain, our Rubber kneader/rubber machine/dispersion machine; Banbury internal kneader; X(S)M- Series;






This machine is suitable for the plasticization of rubber and plastics and the mixing of various plastic materials and plastics.

It is especially suitable for middle and small-sized rubber and plastic products factories and food and dyestuff industries with changeable varieties and colors.


E.V.A. foam sole, rubber sole, TPR, sole, rubber roller, rubber sponge, tire, sports ball, rubber band, rubber tube, rubber belt, bottle stopper, oil seal, shock-proof rubber, adhesive tape, elastic tape, color master, ink, electrical rubber parts, all kinds of automobile rubber products and all kinds of mixed raw materials of the chemical industry.



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Advantages of  INTER-CHINA OPNE ROLL MILL/Open type Rubber Mixing Mill                                                                                                         


1. Good materials 

Cold cast iron is generally used as the material of roller. The surface texture of this material is hard, resistant to wear and corrosion; The internal toughness is good, the strength is big; Easy heat conduction, easy processing, and low cost.
Chilled cast iron rollers are divided into ordinary chilled cast iron (ltg-p) and alloy chilled cast iron (ltg-h).
Inter-China XSK Models all use alloyed chilled cast iron, thus having better surface hardness and working strength, so its service life is prolonged.


2. Safety device 





Features :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


When the internal mixer is working, the two rotors rotate relative to each other, and the material from the feeding port is clamped into the roll gap and squeezed and sheared by the rotor.

After passing through the roll gap, the lower top edge is divided into two parts, respectively The gap between the front and rear chamber walls and the rotor is returned to the top of the nip.

During the week of the flow around the rotor, the material is sheared and rubbed everywhere, causing the temperature of the rubber to rise sharply and the viscosity to decrease, increasing the wettability of the rubber on the surface of the compounding agent so that the rubber is in full contact with the surface of the compounding agent.


The compounding agent agglomerates through the gap between the rotor and the rotor, the gap between the rotor and the upper and lower top cymbals, and the inner wall of the inner chamber with the rubber compound, is sheared and broken and is surrounded by the rubber which is stretched and deformed and is stabilized in a broken state.

At the same time, the ribs on the rotor move the rubber along the axial direction of the rotor to agitate and mix, so that the compounding agent is uniformly mixed in the rubber compound.

The compounding agent is repeatedly sheared and crushed, the rubber compound is repeatedly deformed and restored, and the rotor ribs are continuously stirred, so that the compounding agent is uniformly dispersed in the rubber compound and reaches a certain degree of dispersion.

Since the shearing action of the rubber compound during the mixing of the internal mixer is much larger than that of the open mill, the high temperature of the rubber mixing makes the mixing efficiency of the mixer very much higher than that of the open mill.







What' 's the difference between an Internal Mixer and an Open Mixer                                                                                                                                                          


At present, the use of Open Roll Mill is still very wide, now in many ways can be replaced by internal mixing machines, but Open Roll Mill still has practical significance.
1. It is necessary practical equipment in medium and small factories. Because the investment in an internal mixing machine is large, and the application of the mixer is not as wide as that of an Open Roll Mill.
2. Some mixing rubber with high heat sensitivity can avoid early vulcanization and facilitate heat dissipation, so it must be mixed with an open mixer.
3. Some manufacturers mix different colors of rubber, Open Roll Mill is easy for cleaning of machine.
4. Special rubber, such as nitrile-reinforced rubber.






Technical  Parameters :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


            Model-X(S)M                     2×4        5×40           20×3         35×3          55×3          75×3       110×3        150×30  
Total volume of mixing chamber(L) 6 10 45 75 125 180 250 330
Working volume of mixing chamber(L) 2 5 20 35 55 75 110 150
Driving motor power(KW) 7.5 11 30 55 75 110 185 220
Tilting motor power(KW) 0.5 0.75 1.5 2.2 3 4 5.5 11
Tilting angle(°) 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140
Rotating speed of the rotor (front /rear)(rpm) 40/35 40/33 32/23.5 30/24.5 30/24.5 30/24.5 30/24.5 30/24.5
Pressure of compressed air(Mpa) 0.1~0.2 0.2~0.3 0.5~0.7 0.5~0.7 0.6~0.7 0.6~0.7 0.6~0.7 0.6~0.8
Capacity of compressed air(m3/min) ≥0.5 ≥0.6 ≥0.7 ≥0.9 ≥1.0 ≥1.0 ≥1.2 ≥1.5
Pressure of cooling water (rubber mixing)(Mpa) 0.1~0.2 0.1~0.2 0.1~0.2 0.1~0.3 0.3~0.4 0.3~0.4 0.3~0.4 0.2~0.4
Pressure of heating steam (plastics mixing)(Mpa) 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8 0.4~0.8
Overall dimension(mm) L 1650 1820 2675 3200 3320 3525 4215 4250
W 720 1000 1550 2100 2200 2215 2800 2800
H 1650 2050 2460 2950 3000 3200 3650 4100
Weight(ton) 1 1.5 4 6.5 7.5 9.5 13.5 19






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Open Roll Mill, Open type Rubber Mixing Mill

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