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Open Roll Mill; Open type Rubber Mixing Mill; XSK-B Series
  • Open Roll Mill; Open type Rubber Mixing Mill; XSK-B Series
  • Open Roll Mill; Open type Rubber Mixing Mill; XSK-B Series
  • Open Roll Mill; Open type Rubber Mixing Mill; XSK-B Series

Open Roll Mill; Open type Rubber Mixing Mill; XSK-B Series

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification ISO9001;CE;SGS;
Model Number Model-XS(K)
Product Details
Mixing, Milling;
Material Apply:
Silicones,Rubber, Plastic, Compound Materials ;
Rubber And Plastic Processing Machine;
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Usually it is 30% by T/T as downpayment, balance by T/T before delivery or L/C at sight.
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Open Roll Mill; Open type Rubber Mixing Mill;

XSK-B Series




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Thanks to the deep and close relationships to our customers of hundreds of rubber manufactures, who are constantly exploring technology for gains in productivity;


We target to provide our customers one-stop solutions no matter of small,modest or large scales of production;


Due to the rich experience manufacturing and chinese complete product chain, our Open Roll Mill, Open type Rubber Mixing Mill​ with good price and stable quality.






Open Roll Mill is mainly used for 
1. Plasticizing, crushing, washing and pressing of raw rubber;
2. Mixing and pressing of rubber materials and removing impurities in rubber materials;
3. Heat refining and baking of mixing rubber;
4. Crushing, mixing and pressing of recycled rubber.
In addition, it is also widely used in plastic processing and paint pigment industrial production.



Open Roll Mill; Open type Rubber Mixing Mill; XSK-B Series 0

***Tell us your production purpose to select the most suitable model.







Advantages of  INTER-CHINA OPNE ROLL MILL/Open type Rubber Mixing Mill                                        


1. Good materials 

Cold cast iron is generally used as the material of roller.The surface texture of this material is hard, resistant to wear and corrosion;The internal toughness is good, the strength is big; Easy heat conduction, easy processing, low cost.
Chilled cast iron rollers are divided into ordinary chilled cast iron (ltg-p) and alloy chilled cast iron (ltg-h).
Inter-China XSK Model all use allyoed chilled cast iron, thus has better surface hardness and working strength, so its service life is prolonged.


2. Safety device 





Features :                                                                                                                                                                                


1.Simple structure, low cost;

2.The roller surface is easy to clean and can be used to make various kinds of rubber materials with various colors.Good glue quality;

3.Can be used in the production of recycled rubber;







What' the difference bewteen Internal Mixer and Open Mixer                                                                                  


At present, the use of Open Roll Mill is still very wide, now in many ways can be replaced by internal mixing machine, but Open Roll Mill still has practical significance.
1. It is necessary practical equipment in medium and small factories.Because the investment of internal mixing machine is large, and the application of mixer is not as wide as that of Open Roll Mill .
2. Some mixing rubber with high heat sensitivity can avoid early vulcanization and facilitate heat dissipation, so it must be mixed with an open mixer.
3. Some manufacturers mix different colors of rubber, Open Roll Mill is easy for cleaning of machine.
4. Special rubber, such as nitrile reinforced rubber.






Technical   Parameters :                                                                                                                                                       



XSK-360 SK-400 XSK-450 XSK-550
Roll Dia (mm) 360 400 450 550
Roll Face Width (mm) 900 1010 1200 1530
Feeding capacity
15 ~ 30 30 ~ 55 40 ~ 90 90 ~ 150
Motor power (KW) 30 37~40 55 90~110
Motor type Three-phase asynchronous ac motor
Mill roll ratio (front /rear) 1:1.25 1:1.27 1:1.27 1:1.2
Roll Nip (mm) ~10 ~10 ~12 ~15
Power(voltage) Three Phase /AC380V±5%
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Overall Dimension(mm) L 4200 4800 5200 6200
W 1600 1700 1800 2200
H 1500 1500 1600 1800
Weight (Ton) 5 6.5 9 19








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Open Roll Mill, Open type Rubber Mixing Mill

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