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Trimmer|Deflasher|Skiver|KNIFE TRIM MACHINE|Seals and circle parts trimming machines|Angle Trimmers|
  • Trimmer|Deflasher|Skiver|KNIFE TRIM MACHINE|Seals and circle parts trimming machines|Angle Trimmers|

Trimmer|Deflasher|Skiver|KNIFE TRIM MACHINE|Seals and circle parts trimming machines|Angle Trimmers|

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification ISO9001;CE;SGS;
Model Number YA-200-RU2HC
Product Details
Material Apply:
Rubber;Plastic; Tpu And Most Similar Material;
Trimming Machine
Rubber Processing Machinery
Product Description


Trimmer | Deflasher | Skiver | Knife Trim Machine;

Seals and Sircle Parts Trimming Machines;

Automatic Rubber Trimming Machines; Angle Trimmers;

Vacuum-type Trimming Machine for Oil Seal and Rubber Parts

Model: YA-200-RU2HC







                                                                                                                Trimmer|Deflasher|Skiver|KNIFE TRIM MACHINE|Seals and circle parts trimming machines|Angle Trimmers| 0





Why choose us:                                                                                                                                                                     


During the production of a rubber, plastic, polyurethane, or rubber-metal combination production, layers or flaps of unwanted material are created because material overflows from within the mold cavities.


  • This excess material is commonly known as “flash” or” burrs”; The excess material(or flash) almost always needs to be effectively removed before the product is deemed to be used for a purpose;
  • Many factories still use manual methods to deflash their products, which are low efficiency, time-consuming, labor-intensive, or even dangerous and are not always effective in producing a high-quality finished part with all the flash sufficiently removed.
  • Considering the increasing labor costs and quality products required by users; manufacturers even work hard, will lose competitiveness and market, and traditional manual methods will be out of use sooner or later;
  • Our vacuum trimming machines are simple and automated machines for trimming edges/angles of all kinds of rubber, plastic & sorts of soft half-hard subjects/parts, as well as material of elastomer polyurethane; Especially for to meet the requirements of precision edges/angles;
  • Our Angle Trimmer machines are available as a one-, two- or three-head model.
  • These options have been specifically designed to produce a high-quality finished product to significantly increase processors’ operational productivity, and reduce labor costs as well;



Applications& Advantages :                                                                                                                                               


  • Ideal for cut-off burrs/waste edges for rubber/plastic and polyurethane/pu;
  • A safe, affordable, and automated process;
  • Suitable for the effective trimming of a wide range of sizes parts;
  • Able to cut the bevel angle of plain face, inner & outer bevel angle at a time;
  • Ideal for use in the automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, medical, electronic, and general rubber parts;
  • Quick, simple, and effective, its about 6~7 times more efficient compared to manual work;



Features of INTER-CHINA Trimmers:                                                                                                                                


  • 1. With the design of vacuum adsorption and blowing, making it easy to realize the automated installation of product onto spindle/mandrel by the mechanical arm, greatly improving efficiency; Vacuum chucks have a "part secure" vacuum gauge and sensor switch, which prevents the cycle starting until the vacuum is at full strength;
  • 2. These Angle Trimmer machines are available as a one, two or three-head model;
  • 3. The cutting heads are independently adjustable for angle, stroke, length, stroke speed, position of cut, and position to retract.
  • 4. The heads are designed to accept front-mount or rear-mount knife holders providing a wide range of cutting combinations and a total angle of adjustment of +5° to -95° (100° total adjustment)  from straight up. For such a wide range almost Meet all the angles cutting demand;
  • 5. PLC controller, automatic feeding and unloading. No need to change the clamping apparatus for the next trimming;

  • 6. Use the friendly HMI, all parameters can be seen clearly and it is quite easy to operate.
  • 7. All electrical components and pneumatic components adopt import and domestic well-known brand products, assuring the stability and reliability of long-term usage;

What's the difference between Inter-China Trimmers VS others in the market?


1 . Strong and large platform, equipped with cross slider and high stroke cylinder, which ensures wider ranges for product trimming.

Our single model machine works up to 200/250mm diameter seals and parts, no need to change different models like Taiwan machines.


Trimmer head, one PC


                                                Automatic Rubber trimming machines; Angle Trimmers;   Model:YA-MM-300    Trimmer|Deflasher|Skiver|KNIFE TRIM MACHINE|Seals and circle parts trimming machines|Angle Trimmers| 2



2. User-friendly colorful touchscreen operation mode, more easy and simple for users.


3. With alarm sensors to protect operators' safety. This is a very important device for future labor security requirements.




Why should I use the trimming machines instead of my workers?                                                                                  


  • It offers considerable advantages to processors over the manual method of trimming ;
  • No experience is required to operate;
  • Reduction in production time;
  • Reduction in labor cost;
  • Enhanced part quality;
  • Improved operator safety;




When should I use the trimming machines?                                                                                                                   


  • These trimming machines not only can realize the cutting for edges but also offer a quick and cost-effective trimming solution to a wide range of size products that require precision angles;
  • Most small to large rubber and plastic parts;
  • Ideal for Oil seal with polyurethane material;
  • Electronic components;
  • Medical items;


How does the trimming machine work?                                                                                                                            


The process is quick, requiring minimal operator skills;

  • 1. A size-fitted mandrel holder installed on the machine spindle; 
  • 2. Adjust the head/blade with the required cutting degree;
  • 3. The strong vacuum system absorbs the piece of the product closely to the spindle, Meanwhile, the cutters do the cutting job with the required cutting performance;
  • 4. Parameters setting through the PLC touch screen, which is a simple operation and easy adjustment. 
  • 5. Heads can be individually cycled to move, extend stroke, rotate spindle, cut, retract, and stop in a manual or single cycle mode. The machine has several modes of automatic cycling. Multiple heads can be set to cut at the same time, or each head can run by itself.
  • 6. Automatic cycle starts are actuated by an ergonomic touch button.


                                                                                      Trimmer|Deflasher|Skiver|KNIFE TRIM MACHINE|Seals and circle parts trimming machines|Angle Trimmers| 3




                                                                                                    VIDEO OF TRIMMER PROCESS ON YOUTUBE 






Technical Parameters :                                                                                                                                                      


Structure & Main data            Model                  




Nos of head/cutter 2 3
Vacuum degree(Mpa) 0.5 ~1
Size of blade(mm) 2x3x100
R.P.M Machine Spindle ~2800, adjustable
Power(voltage) Three phase /AC380V±5%
Motor(kW) 0.5 0.5
Frequency(Hz) 50/60 50/60
Function & Performance Operation & Control Mode PLC & HMI
Manual feeding and auto-offloading
5 operation mode 11 operation mode
With alarm sensors to protect operators' safety
Head/Cutter Part Cutting angle (degree): ~90 (Adjusted)
Trimming the plane face, and inner and outer bevel angle at the same time.
Efficiency (pcs/min) 10~25 10~20
Trimming Range(mm) Ø3~200 ( Horizontal)
~160 (Vertical)
Ø3~250 (Horizontal)
~180 ( Vertical)
Range of size (inch) Ø.118~7.875(Horizontal)
~6.3( Vertical)
Ø.118~9.845 (Horizontal)
~7.1 (Vertical)
Precision of Main shaft(mm) ±0.01 (radial direction)
±0.02 (head face)
Packing Infos Equipment Weight(KG) 320 400
Equipment Size(cm) 105*80*152 115*80*162







Order Options :                                                                                                                                                                    

  1. Nos of the head;

  2. Size of trimming range;

  3. Color of Machine;

  4. Auxiliary feeding device;

  5. Auxiliary unloading device;








Trimmers; Trimming Machines; Angle Trimmers; Rubber Trimming Machines; Mandrel Cutting Machines; Slicing Cutting Machines; Precision machines for cutting off rings and slices; Oil filter sealing gasket making machines;
Slice machine; Slicer; Circular knife cutting machines for cutting gaskets; Rubber gasket cutting machine; Gasket making machine; 
Rotary style gasket cutter; Rotary cutting machine; Rubber slitting machine; Machines for hose and tube processing; Cutting machine for hoses and tube processing; Machine for rubber and plastic processing; Cutting machine for gaskets and o-rings;









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