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Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300
  • Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300
  • Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300

Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification ISO9001;CE;SGS;
Model Number HX-400;
Product Details
Rubber Processing Machine;
Material Apply:
Rubber, Plastic, Silicones;
Trimming, Deflashing, Deburring;
Product Description


Rubber Trimming Machine

Rubber Deflashing Machine

Rubber Spin Trim Deflashing Machine


Why Choose Us:


Thanks to the deep and close relationships with our customers of hundreds of rubber manufacturers, who are constantly exploring technology for gains in productivity;

we strongly witness the importance of deflashing/deburring, a very important area for cost and quality control; Thus the reason we added our new series line of Spin Trim Deflashing Machines; We aim to provide our customers with one-stop solutions no matter of small, modest or large scales of production;


Spin Trim Deflashing is by far the most economical option for deflashing rubber parts.


Most importantly, our spin trim deflashing machine with the most competitive pricing due to our mass production which reduces our production costs;

Thus we can guarantee that we make the most competitive price and advanced spin trim deflashing machine in China.





A wide range of molded materials can utilize Spin Trim Deflashing with proven results. These include:

  • Rubbers – (including neoprene & urethane)
  • Silicones
  • Plastics – (both thermoset & thermoplastic)


Examples of applications that use Spin Trim Deflashing include:

  • O-rings & gaskets;
  • Auto parts;
  • Insulators and other electric/electronic components ;
  • Valve stems, washers, and fittings;



Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300 0




Advantages :


  • Simple operation of our spin trim deflashing machine, no need professional technical staff, just several hours training is qualified for to operate our machine perfectly well. This kind of spin-trimming machine is suitable for any in-house workshop;
  • Since it is a batch process, the price per piece is far less, as many more parts can be processed in a given amount of time.
  • PLC & HMI control, a plug-and-play equipment. The process is computer-controlled, therefore removing the human operator variable from the process.
  • Spin Trim deflashing is non-abrasive, non-freezing, with no need for liquid nitrogen, no mold requirement, only basic labor and electricity, very low manufacturing costs, and the cost per part is generally well below any alternative technique.
  • Ideal for the effective deflashing of small to medium-sized rubber parts
  • Extremely high output, average as 40~50 workers at the same working time, millions of products can be finished per day;





Our Spin trim Deflashing Machine includes a Deflashing Unit & an Automatic Waste Separator




Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300 1


INTER-CHINA Spin Trim deflashing unit consists of a stainless steel cabinet insulated with dense

polyurethane foam; Located inside the cabinet are the blast chamber, the liquid spraying circuit, the turbofan, the motor, and Control panel, and electrical Components.




INTER-CHINA Spin Trim Deflashing Machine with the unique features as following;


  • Patented Cutting Technology for Closet Wet Trim. A safe, affordable, and automated process;
  • Automatic Self-Lubrication System for Non-stop Trimming;
  • An integral linear cutting method for the chamber & A special design of discharge opening that eliminates small rubber parts & flash jamming;
  • Unique cooling device for the main shaft;

Latest Spin Trim Deflashing Machine, Deburring Machine, HX-400 3Latest Spin Trim Deflashing Machine, Deburring Machine, HX-400 4







Machine process chart:

                                                                 Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300 4


                                                                                      VIDEO OF OUR SPIN TRIM DEFLASHING MACHINE ON YOUTUBE 



Why should I use the Spin Trim Trimming Machine:


At present, molded rubber products, trimming, in addition to artificial trimming, and automatic trimming methods of industry there are several different features follows;




  Advantage Disadvantage Typical Applications
Cryogenic Deflashing Machine 1. A wide range of materials: rubber, plastic, metal; High investment for beginning;
Required Media Consumption for each production ( Liquid Nitrogen (LN 2 ) & PC granules ;
2. Large output ;
Spin Trim Deflashing Machine 1. Competitive cost 1. Only for Non-metal materials o rings; washers
2. High output 2. Suitable size within 5mm~80mm
Knife Trimming Machine 1. Available in a wide range of sizes Working Capacity is not high cups
2. Also for the chamfer function
Punching Machine   Need a unique mold for each shape  



Above all these rubber remove edge machines and spin Trim Deflashing machines with the outstanding characteristics of less investment, low power consumption, no liquid nitrogen, easy to learn, high efficiency, quick recovery, etc; can greatly save labor costs.

A Spin Trim Deflashing machine can be used as a cost-effective first-stage process for the deflashing of more complex parts or those with excessive flash prior to using a Freeze Trim cryogenic deflashing machine.




How do the Spin Trim Deflashing Trimming Machines work?                                                                                   


The process is quick and requires minimal skills by the operator. An appropriate screening plate is selected and fitted depending on the size and type of product being de-flashed.


Once secured in the spin chamber and the cycle settings have been made an internal mechanically propelled disc spins the rubber parts at high speed resulting in the excess flash being removed and the sprue connections being broken.


Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300 5


The small flash is sucked away by an integral blowing and the de-flashed parts and larger flash exit via a chute into the separator unit ( or a dump bin )



Waste Separator

The separator has perforated sheets of differing hole sizes (6-32mm) so that can set the separator up for each product.

The upper sheet allows the good parts and small flash to fall through. The lower sheet then allows this flash to fall to the bottom, leaving the de-flashed parts in the middle of the separator.


Boxes at the end collect the de-flashed parts and flash.


The large flash is manually removed for the upper sheet by hand or vacuum. This optional extra will save labor time and cost in sorting out the parts and is compact and very efficient and simple to operate







                         Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300 6  Latest Deflashing Machine , Spin Trim Deflashing Machine - Model HX-300 7



Technical   Parameters     




Model HX-300 HX-400 HX-600
Chamber Size(mm) H:210
Dia: 320
Material of Chamber SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Structure of Chamber Divided into upper and lower parts integrated integrated
Cooling Device for
 the Main shaft
/ With With
Rotating Speed
of the Main Shaft
50/5000 50/10000 50/10000
Power(voltage) Three phase /AC380V±5%
Motor(kW) 4 4.5 7.5
Frequency(HZ) 50/60 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Air Consumption(L/MIN) <0.8 <0.8 <0.8
Efficiency 5-15 plate/module
each batch
> 25 >40
1~2kg 3~8kg 9~20 kg
Trimming Time(Second) 30-120 30-120 30-120
Media Type Water/silicone oil
Equipment Weight(KG) 280 480 680
Equipment Size(cm) 175*60*101 175*70*103 180*85*105
Sorting Device(Option) Waste Separator Waste Separator Waste Separator
120*60*60 120*60*80 120*60*90


The average cycle time can range from 30  to 120 seconds depending on the number of parts per

batch (which is, dependent on the size of your molded parts); flash thickness; wheel speed; and size of media used.

We have three models to meet different production demands;


HX-300/400 is suitable for rubber parts less than 80mm.


HX-600 is available for big-size products.

2nd, products can be laid into the chamber without folding, it helps to enhance the trimming performance for some products.




Order Options :                                                                                                                                                                   


1. Size of screening plate ( According to product size);

2. Size of sheet of waste separator ;

3. Control Mode: Button or HMI;

4. Height of waste separator;

5. Color of Machine;







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