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Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO

Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO

    • Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO
    • Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO
    • Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO
    • Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO
    • Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO
  • Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: INTER-CHINA
    Certification: ISO9001;CE;SGS;
    Model Number: SD-A/AT;SD-M/MT;SD-L/LT

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
    Price: Negotiated
    Packaging Details: Wooden Case;
    Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
    Payment Terms: Usually it is 30% by T/T as downpayment, balance by T/T before delivery or L/C at sight.
    Supply Ability: 30 SETS/MONTH
    Service:: Accept inspection before shipment and the acceptance criteria of customers' trial sample.
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material Apply: ZINC DIE CASTING; Metal,Aluminum-magnesium Alloy; Technology: Freeze, Deep-cold;Liquid Nitrogen
    Type: Trimming; Deflashing; Deburring Machine;


    Case Study:Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU And NINGBO 











    Why Choose us ;                                                                                                                                                                 


    Thanks to the deep and close relationships to our customers of hundreds of rubber manufactures, who are constantly exploring technology for gains in productivity;


    we strongly witness the important of deflashing/deburring, a very important area for cost and quality controlling;

    Thus the reason we add our new series line of Cryogenic Deflashing/Deburring Machines, our technical team has more than 10 years of experience in Deepaccumate more than;We target to provide our customers one-stop solutions no matter of small,modest or large scales of production;


    Cryogenics is by far the most versatile, effective & economic option of deflashing rubber parts, a compact range of time-saving and quality enhancing deflashing machines.

    • A multi-material deflashing solution providing complete processing flexibility from one machine;

    • A quality enhancing method of deflashing;

    • A system which increases productivity due to its exceptionally fast running speed;

    • An automated cost-cutting method which dramatically decreases operational and labour costs;

    • An environmentally-friendly device; 









     Advantages :                                                                                                                                                                       


    • Cryogenic deflashing provides various advantages over manual deflashing and other traditional deflashing methods.
    • The process maintains part integrity and critical tolerances.
    • Since it is a batch process, the price per piece is far less as many more parts can be processed in a given amount of time. That is say,the cost per part is generally well below any alternative technique.
    • Cryogenic deflashing extends mold life. Rather than replace or repair a mold (which typically involves downtime and high cost), the parts can be deflashed. This is typical of parts molded at the end of their product lifetime.
    • The process is computer controlled, therefore removing the human operator variable from the process.
    • The process offers consistent results from lot to lot.
    • Cryogenic deflashing is non-abrasive.
    • Fully maintains tolerance (100%);
    • Fully maintains surface quality (100%);
    • Fully maintains material characteristics (100%);
    • in 100% preservation of colour;






    A typical cryogenic deflashing machine consists of a stainless steel cabinet insulated with dense polyurethane foam;. Located inside the cabinet are the blast chamber, the liquid nitrogen nozzle, and the opening for the throw wheel.


        INTER-CHINA Freeze Deflashing Machine with the unique features as following;

    • Big size impeller for driving big capacity medias one time;
    • Continuous optimization of the inner hexagon structure, to achieve the optimal use of space; Thus, the consumption of liquid nitrogen is reduced and the efficiency is improved;
    • High quality NISSEI(Japan) gear motor, OMRON controller and PLC;
    • User friendly HMI, all parameters can be seen clearly and it is quite easy to operator;
    • In-line flash and media separator ( 3 Layers );
    • BASF PIR foam insulation stabilises ambient temperature;
    • Does not require a dryer;
    • Long media life (approx. 300 cycles);
    • With electrically heated door seal strip;


    Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBOCase Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBOCase Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBOCase Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBOCase Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO









    Why should I use the Fully Automated trimming machine:                                                                                               

    • Deflashing machine also known as deburring machine.
    • Though this cryogenic deflashing technology is in existence for over 50 years, its practical introduction happened about 20 years back. Its popularity is on the rise in last 15 years.
    • This process uses liquid nitrogen, high-speed rotation and media (shot blast) in varying combinations to remove the flash in a highly precise, economical and practical manner.
    • Compared to manual deflashing and other traditional deflashing methods.
    • The fully automated process significantly decreases deflashing time, increasing production capacity;
    • It also offers complete flexibility to multi-material processors.





    When should I use the Freeze Trim Deflashing Machine:                                                                                                


    • The INTER-CHINA Freeze Trim provides the user with complete processing flexibility, and it is ideal for those with large volume production, multiple part sizes and complexities (including those up to 250mm dia.), different materials, or when a high quality and pristine finish is paramount
    • Example: Our Model SD-M/MT, with 120L basket capacity, daily ( 8 hours ) can complete the processing of 400~800kgs, which is equal with 30~100 workers manual job under the same working time.
    • It’s a totally amazing productivity.






    How does the Freeze Trim/Cryogenic Deflashing Trimming Machines work ?                                                              


    • Moulded parts are placed into a perforated stainless steel parts basket and then inserted into
    • the blast chamber of the Freeze Trim and the basket is mechanically rotated to expose all parts to the blast media. Liquid nitrogen lowers the temperature (some cases up to -140°C) while freezing the rubber to make it brittle. Because the burrs have a high surface area relative to their mass, they “freeze”very quickly and become brittle.
    • The physical properties of the parts are not affected during the deflashing process.
    • A unique high speed impeller (up to 8,000rpm )directs and throws the polycarbonate media into the rotating basket and by travelling at high speed, the small pellets cleanly trim off the brittle flash leaving a high quality, flash less moulding.
    • The tumbling action— combined with the impact of the media— removes the burrs without damaging the part itself.
    • After the process is complete, parts are returned to room temperature.
    • This cryogenic deburring leaves a clean part—with no dust or other residue remaining —with 100% burr removal.
    • Parts that have thin flash can be quickly and thoroughly cryogenic deflashed. Cryogenic
    • Deflashing process is exceptionally good at removing the inner dimensional and complex flash in  your products that cannot be removed by any other method.


                                       Case Study: Project Of Deflashing/Deburring Machines IN SUZHOU and NINGBO






    Temperature fluctuation in operation:                                                                                              


    Owing to the fact that the temperature of flash goes down quicker than the mold itself, deflashing can be done perfectly without damaging the product itself.

                                                                               Advanced Freeze Trim Cryogenic Deflashing Machine


    TA = Room temperature

    TE = Embrittling temperature

    TC = Set temperature in the barrel

    t1 = Barrel operation starting time

    t2 = Barrel operating stop time






    Examples of the embrittling temperature
    Material Name Embrittling temperature ( ab ) °C
    Natural Rubber ( NR ) - 60°C
    Styrene Butadiene Rubber ( SBR ) - 50°C
    Butadiene Rubber ( BR ) - 55°C
    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber ( NBR ) - 55°C
    Butyl Rubber ( IIR ) - 60°C
    Neoprene Rubber ( CR ) - 70°C
    Silicone Rubber -100°C
    Urethane Rubber - 70°C
    FKM/FPM/VITON - 75°C
    PTFE/TEFLON - 40°C
    Polymer/Plastics Engineering/PE - 45°C
    Zinc alloy/ AL ab - 40°C




    Technical  Parameters of Inter-China Cryogenic Deflashing Machine ;                                                                         


    Main Data                  Model                          SD-A/AT               SD-M/MT                SD-L/LT                 SD-XL/XLT     
    Maximum Basket Volume(Litres) 70 120 180 245
    Usable Volume (Litres) 30~45 50~75 80~115 120~155
    Total Power (kw) 5 7 9 13
    Refrigerant Liquid Nitrogen (LN 2 )
    Operation Temp ( Degree) 50 ~ -130
    Media Type Polycarbonate
    Power(voltage) Three phase /AC380V±5%
    Frequency(HZ) 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
    Main Structure & Components Control Mode BUTTON/HMI BUTTON/HMI BUTTON/HMI PLC&HMI
    With alarm sensors to protect operators' safety
    IMPELLER UNIT Standard Standard Standard Double System
    Max Speed (rpm): ~7200
    Media Throwing Wheel Dia. (mm)
    250 300 300/350 300
    Sorting Device Tunable Vibration Separator ( 3 Layers)
    Material of Body & Inner Parts SUS304 /Thermal Insulation Material (PIR )/Soundproof cotton
    Packing infos Equipment Weight(KG) 1000 1300 1450 1600
    Equipment Size(cm) 100*120*195 120*130*200 145*150*200 160*150*200





    The average cycle time can range from 1.5 – 10 minutes depending on the number of parts per batch (which is, dependent on the size of your moulded parts); flash thickness; wheel speed; and size of media used.


    We have 4 standard models for to meet different production demand;


    Big capacity of Basket is our unique, which dual bring with users a totally amazing productivity.






    Order Options:                                                                                                                                                                        

    1. Capacity of Basket

    2. Size of Impeller ( According to product size)

    3. Color of Machine

    4. Control Mode: Button or HMI



    For more details, please contact us freely !!!



    Person: Susanna



    SKYPE: rubbercutting

    Email :










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