Company news about Rubber remove edge machine PK frozen trimming machine

Rubber remove edge machine PK frozen trimming machine


Latest company news about Rubber remove edge machine PK frozen trimming machine

Rubber product automatic disassembly machine is an automatic disassembly device side edge of a rubber product free of liquid nitrogen.

At present, molded rubber products, trimming, in addition to artificial trimming, automatic trimming method of industry there are several: one is cutting edges, the biggest problem is not universal, each mold products, are a pair of die cutter, high cost, long delivery time, suitable for long-term production, large orders for products. The two is the principle of freezing method, freezing method is rubber hard, brittle at low temperatures, and because of different thickness and different degree of embrittlement. That is to say, in a low temperature under the same condition, the thin part of the brittle before the thick part. Therefore, the use of brittle gradient thickness difference caused by the overflow edge and the body to complete the trimming, also is to grab the spill has not crisp crisp and time ontology difference, treat repair products exert friction, impact, vibration and other external forces will spill removal. Three is the air dynamical trimming machine, this is the clever use of the principles of aerodynamics, realizes automatic trimming, because the vulcanizate finished no vitrification process after freezing, tearing, separation of flash process and artificial operation is similar, are from a weak start, gradually expanded gap gap, in order to achieve the separation of burr objective. Shenzhen honglidakaituo Hardware Co., Ltd manufacture remove edge machine, to retain the versatility of frozen trimming, but also overcomes the energy consumption of large, finished surface freezing injury and other shortcomings; the production of different products without changing mould, only need to adjust the parameters to the corresponding, the use of the process performance is more stable and reliable; processed products without defects, continuous operation, the whole process automatic control system using this equipment; safety and stability, simple operation, long service life; the efficiency of each remove edge machine can reach 20 to 1000 workers,Is trimming technology equipment of rubber and plastic a high benefit..

Rubber remove edge machine mainly comprises a machine frame, a main cylinder, a turntable, a power transmission device, a circuit control panel, fan, pneumatic discharge door, pneumatic feeding gate. Rubber product automatic disassembly edge machine uses a new design concept, the use of high speed centrifugal suspension barrier technology, make the products and scrap is fast separation, the perfect combination of pneumatic discharging door, through the automatic control system to realize the whole operation process, which makes rubber remove edge machine stable performance, safety, high efficiency. Combined with the rubber product screening machine forming production line, so that the rubber manufacturers save a lot of labor, and reduce the product cost and improve the market competitive advantage.

Rubber remove edge machine is divided into investment and silo, bin and a material bin work, separation or remove the input side rubber products need to vote in the bunker, for closing the door operating instructions on the operation panel, remove the side rubber chance automatically remove edge rubber products, separation of a series of work, carried out in a material in the bunker, separation and rubber products, the whole operation is safe, rapid, feeding and seamless docking, just feeding can be continuous flow process.


●High production efficiency, an automatic disassembly machine processing edge day equivalent to the amount of 20-100 skilled workers hook flash workload (rubber and plastic products is small, the greater production capacity, especially suitable for a 3mm-80 diameter mm). Rubber remove edge machine can automatically control the removed edge speed and time, so that the entire operation process of the intelligent, the work efficiency is 20-1000 times higher than manual operation, each machine 10 hours processing small miscellaneous pieces of rubber above 15000000 PCs, the separation rate of more than 99%, after processing, product deformation,

●Automatically remove edge to edge machine stable quality, remove the edge precision and the qualified rate was significantly higher for manual operation (the traditional manual hook flash, flash, slow speed scratch, snag, mixed goods, dirty and so serious).

●Comparison of frozen repair side machine price is higher, the use of low cost, power consumption per hour less than 4 degrees, do not need to use liquid nitrogen, and the equipment price is much lower than the frozen trimming machine or import equipment. The processing of any rubber products, need not die and the efficiency is higher than that of stamping burr way.

●The machine is divided into investment and silo and a working bin, feeding and seamless docking, each without shutdown restart action, just feeding can be continuous flow process. The whole process using numerical control frequency conversion control, easy to understand, more intuitive and convenient, the operation more accurately and safely. Ordinary workers after half an hour of training can operate independently.

●Good safety, equipped with power device; using imported bearings, imports of leather belt, maximum guarantee the machine life; wear resistant paint treatment table machine, so that the whole structure beautiful appearance, durable, the machine table is installed on the right side of an emergency stop button, for emergency shutdown.

With the passage of time, automatically remove rubber edge also upgrade products, technology also has the leap; a machine 10 hours detachable lighter sealing ring is more than 15000000, is 1000 times or even 2000 times the efficiency of artificial capacity;

In 2015 the market of automatic rubber remove edge machine relative frozen trimming machine, advantage is characteristic of less investment, low power consumption, no liquid nitrogen, easy to learn, high efficiency, quick recovery etc; can greatly save labor costs and improve the rubber product market competitive advantage.

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